Spray Foam Insulation in Edmonton/Alberta


Find Oilfield, Industrial, Residential, Commercial, and Automotive Spray Foam Insulation in Edmonton

Polyurethane spray foam is the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly option for your diverse insulation needs. Its unique ability to adhere directly to the substrate means that not only can it be applied anywhere that traditional insulation is used, it can also provide insulation for areas where other products are not practical or possible.

Energy Efficiency

Spray foam has the highest R-values in the insulation industry. With a higher R-value, you will see up to a 50% reduction in energy usage and heat loss. This is largely due to the fact that spray foam insulation provides a complete vapour/air barrier. So why not cut costs and create a greener home or business by using the Consumer Choice voted spray foam insulation in Edmonton and Alberta.

Insulation Type R-Value
Rigid urethane foam 7.14
Exp. Polystyrene bead board 3.85
Glass fibre 7.14
Expanded perlite 2.78
Foam glass 2.63
Vermiculite 2.08

Structural Integrity

You can add to your building’s structural support with spray foam insulation. The insulation fills empty spaces and shores up walls. Spray foam also provides a barrier and protects from pests, rust, and mould buildup that can threaten a building and its occupants.

Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulations

At J&G Urethanes/Superior Spray Systems we provide multiple types of spray foams and barriers to meet the diverse application that our customers require. Foams and barriers such as:

  • PolarFoam PF7300 Soya: a 2 lb. ecological spray foam made of vegetable oil and recycled plastics (CCMC Approved)
  • SEALection™ 500: a residential semi-rigid open cell ½ lb. applied polyurethane foam spray insulation system (CCMC Approved)
  • PolarFoam PF7217: Class 1 foam
  • PolarFoam PF2444/2445: General purpose spray foam
  • PolarFoam PF7211: Ditch foam
  • PolarFoam PF72610: High temp foam

Thermal Barriers and Coating

  • Monokote Z3306: Cementitious thermal barrier
  • Towerthon I: Elastomeric paint coating
  • Towerthon II: Fire retardant elastomeric white coating

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