Let Us Help You Take Care of Your Oilfield Insulation in Edmonton/Alberta

We know that companies in the oilfield industry are constantly innovating and building. That’s why J&G Urethanes/Superior Spray Systems offers a variety of quality, adaptable, spray foam insulation products to meet your oilfield needs.

Temperature Protection

Sprayed polyurethane insulation offers a higher R-value than any other insulation type. As a result, spray foam helps to protect your projects against the extreme Alberta temperatures. That’s why we specialize in spray insulation for projects such as: skids, pipes, modulars, tanks, breakers, and hot surfaces. With our superior insulation products and industry expertise, we are equipped to help you get any project done right!

Air/Vapor Barrier

Spray foam insulation is unique in that it provides a built in air/vapor barrier. This barrier helps to keep moisture out, and control for air transfer. Moisture protection also helps to reduce the likelihood of mold growth, in turn making the project a safer more sanitary space.

Easy Installation and Structural Integrity

Spray foam insulation is quicker and more efficient to install than conventional insulation. Spray foam also bonds directly to the substrate. This is very beneficial as it allows us to insulate hard to reach areas as well as areas where conventional insulation is not practical. With Spray foams rigid construction, it adds strength and stability wherever it is applied.

As the consumer voted choice, J&G Urethanes/Superior Spray Systems is the best option to help you get your project done right. Call 780-457-7388 to schedule our experienced services today.